Charleston Hunt Board Small Farm Table

Product Description

  • Size 39”x44”x21”
  • Antique heart pine
  • Hepplewhite legs
  • 3/4” top
  • Other leg styles available

Charleston Hunt Board Farm Table with Hepplewhite tapped legs with square threw pegs. Shown in Colonial Heart Pine Top is made from a small gate from a colonial house built in the 1700’s in Greer South Carolina Inspired while Artist Jaryd Walley was visiting a plantation in Charleston South Carolina. He noticed a small table in the Plantation kitchen house. The purpose for the table was for the master of the house or guest would hunt small game. Small tables would be brought out to the field so riders on horseback could drop off game to be dressed and then return to the field. Mobili handcrafts each Charleston hunt board one at a time.