Although early sideboards are little more than tables, usually located against the wall, they soon expanded to provide storage for plate in the form of open shelving. By the 18th century, the sideboard had retreated to the kitchen where it became a more utilitarian item sometimes known as a Welsh dresser, containing not only open shelving but also enclosed cupboards below — effectively becoming the ancestor of today’s kitchen cabinetry.We build Sideboards just like the craftsman did centuries before us. Mortise and tendon joinery, true dowel pegs, handcrafted legs made in house not ordered, re-enforced corners and all wood construction, no pre-bought production type hardware used here. Mobili takes an artistic approach to every step of the process to build our sideboards from reclaimed woods. First we carefully hand select wood for each part to find the character, soul and color that gives the truest sense of the piece we are to build and its overall look. With years working in Hollywood on feature films and television, our finishes have been painstakingly created to appear as natural as the original antique furniture. Our finishes have a natural timeless appeal with the durability that will last for many years.