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Martha Stewart Living Visits Mobili Farm Tables American Made

Martha Stewart LIvingBy Maeve Nicholson

A few weeks ago, I was invited to visit Greenville, South Carolina. I was particularly interested in this visit because of the craftsmen, artisans, and food entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm to introduce themselves to me and show off their workspaces, wares, and talent–something that I’ve been interested in ever since I started my work with the American Made Movement–along with a personal love of discovery found in the maker community. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I agreed and flew down.I also met with Jaryd Walley, artisan of Mobili Farm Tables. Jaryd’s workspace and craftsmanship is beyond-words amazing. The past-time set designer and prop maker hand-builds and designs all his tables with a special love and exceptional precision. Walking into his cavernous converted mill studio, I was greeted by an enormous American Made sign he had created exclusively for the American Made event. Jaryd was proud to tell me how much Living has played a part in his inspiration. Jaryd gave me a quick 101 on furniture history in the Southeast, and let me have a look around his simply breathtaking workspace and showroom. Most of the wood Jaryd works with is reclaimed or discovered by Jaryd and has a story of its own. Leaving his studio made me dizzy with respect for craftsmen like Jaryd. The time, dedication, and labor they’ve invested into becoming the masters of their craft is overwhelming. Jaryd has been designing his tables for years. I asked him casually, why tables? He answered that tables brought the two things he loves most together: family and food. Good answer.