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Hi everybody ,

I just got back from Highpoint furniture market in North Carolina.I wanted to find some more chairs to offer for our Farm Tables before I offer handcrafted chairs made here in USA on the site.Wow what a disappointment.For those who aren’t aware ,North Carolina used to be the furniture capital of the World.Would you believe I could not find one chair made in the USA.I left more determined then ever to advocate the superior quality of our artist and talented craftsmen  here in the United States.Import manufactures can try every kind of stain,Dye,Glaze,and Woods but You can not manufacture true passion and family traditions and the soul that goes into the art of an American craftsman.

The Shaker Way of Life

Shaker furniture history can be linked very much to the lifestyle practiced by the followers of the religious branch. The Shakers, so called because of a shaking ritual used to exorcise demons, are internationally renowned for creating highly purposive and now highly collectable furniture. They were extremely dedicated on the whole, and viewed their life as a service to God, living without modernization, and free from the outside world. → Read more

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Where to buy specialty woods?

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The lunch today was awesome one of my first farm tables and the finish is still great. Click link to view more...→ Read more

Message: Daddy if we have time can I come to the shop and look at the tables? Do they look good ? I’m kidding. I know your tables look better than good .You are the best dad that a girl can have. I LOVE YOU! More than you would expect because you are the love!!! to my Dad from your daughter Kerrigan

Cant wait for new photos to hit the site.The new Romantic Cottage collection is going to have all those great colors

light unique and full of character.I will post some photos this weekend wow how about those gold metals last night .

The half pipe was rock-in and how awesome  a  for our girls in down hill.