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Camp sevier

Heart Pine log on 60 Inch Blade Wood Sawmill

Our woods choices for Farm Tables includes exclusive antique heart pine from Camp Sevier, a former US Army Corps base from 1916 to 1922 that camped 120,000 troops and was the leading training facility for the southeast for World War I. The wood taken from the site is the surviving wood from the last remaining two barracks on the 19-square-mile encampment. The wood was then processed to remove all of the nails, dried, stabilized, and milled into useable material for the handcrafted and authentic heart pine farm tables created by Mobili. All material was personally reclaimed by Mobili and all processes transportation, Milling and fabrication within a ten mile radius. Making Mobili Farm Tables one of the most Eco Friendliest on the market.

Reclaimed Heart Pine

As the wood that built America, heart pine was used for many of America’s first cabins and buildings, and is included in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and Washington’s Mount Vernon. Four of every five houses in South Carolina were framed with heart pine, and the wood was used to construct the railroads in the South in the 1800s. While there used to be almost 90 million acres of pine, today less than 10,000 acres remain. Mobili Farm Tables uses heart pine from cotton mills,old barns and buildings from the surrounding area of Greenville south Carolina that have been reclaimed in an environmentally ethical way. All wood is tested for moisture content and stabilized to make sure that your furniture last a lifetime .

FSC Appellation Hardwoods

According to the U.S. Forest Service, cherry, along with most other Appalachian hardwoods, is growing faster than it is being harvested. Less than 60 percent of net new growth is harvested annually. While this is true in terms of biomass, it says nothing about the size of trees. Large older trees, those being 75 to 125 years old, are being replaced by younger trees, which, although they sequester more carbon per acre than mature trees, make it increasingly problematic to find wide, clear-grained boards. Mobili Farm Tables selects and buys only premium lumber and that has been sustainably harvested. Our suppliers are certified by either the Forest Stewardship Council or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative; lumber from others is cut on federal lands and, as such, is sustainable harvested. We avoid building furniture from exotic hardwoods because we have no way of knowing how those tropical forests are being exploited.