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Charleston Hunt Board

Size 39”x44”x21” Antique heart pine Hepplewhite legs 3/4” top Other leg styles available Charleston Hunt Board Farm Table with Hepplewhite tapped legs with square threw pegs. Shown in Colonial Heart Pine Top is made from a small gate from a colonial house built in the 1700’s in Greer South Carolina Inspired while Artist Jaryd Walley was visiting a plantation in Charleston South Carolina. He noticed a small table in the Plantation kitchen house. The purpose for the table was for the master of the house or guest would hunt small game. Small tables would be brought out to the field so riders on horseback could drop off game to be dressed and then return to the field. Mobili handcrafts each charleston hunt board one at a time .

Reclaimed antique Pine Base Mortise and Tenon Joinery size 42”X84”30” Custom Sizes available Custom Colors and Finishes Genuine Reclaimed Mahogany Top Custom Shaker dining table handcrafted by Mobili Farm Tables from antique pine , Cherry, Oak, Walnut and more .The famous cherry shaker farm tables and furniture the Shakers produced, blending a celebrated and unique design with high quality workmanship has become much sought after. Today original items of Shaker furniture can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. Like the Shaker way of life, Shaker furniture history has been shaped by simple way of life, minimalist living and by hard work and dedication. Additionally, it is heralded as a design significantly ahead of its time, and has given rise to numerous copy-cat designers and manufacturers the world over. As far as Shaker original furniture goes, you aren’t likely to come across a original looking cherry shaker farm table unless you visit a museum or the house of a Mobili customer.
Antique Pine wide boards from the 1800’s  Saw mill marks from 60” blade Very limited edition signed and numbered Available up to 16′-0” Optional leg styles

The American harvest table, as it is recognized today, began with the feasts Pilgrims planned as a fall harvest celebration. These feasts are most recognized as the roots of the Thanksgiving holiday. For many the term harvest table refers not to the piece of furniture, but to the items on the table, which represent the fall harvest. Nothing represents that better then a harvest farm table by Mobili Farm Tables.

Living in the upstate of South Carolina, Artist Jaryd Walley was inspired by the natural splendor of the Appalachian Mountains. The Two Board wide pine boards are very limited and were discovered here in the upstate of South Carolina. A 150-year-old family owned mill recently had closed. These boards were found out back under a shed and had been milled in the late 1800’s as evidenced by the enormous saw marks. Shown in mahogany stain and shaker style legs, it is truly a harvest farm table to treasure for generations.

40”x72”x30” Natural Hand rubbed lacquer Mortise and Tenon joinery Shaker Table

Shaker Dining Tables and Furniture is one of Mobili Farm Tables specialties. Shaker is a style that is very much in demand for its simple qualities and minimalist styling. This has given rise to an increasing number of manufacturers basing furniture around the Shaker designs. Mass produced versions flood the market but have no lasting value. Mobili Farm Tables takes a much different approach in making a shaker table. We capture the soul and imagination of what an authentic shaker table would have looked like and how it was originally made. We make our shaker furniture and shaker dining tables the way they were meant to be made, individually handcrafted by an artisan using the highest quality woods and hand perfected joinery.

”Everyone who has visited comments on the table and cannot believe the quality of craftsmanship. ”

 Chris and Kelly Kennedy
Click images to enlarge photo One piece solid components not glued up Mortise & Tenon joinery with exposed threw pegs Antique Oak stain with light distressing Exclusive Camp Sevier heart pine Hand rubbed low voc lacquer top coat Bread boards included in pricing Extra thick top 1-1/2” Signed and dated by artist Craftsman Dining Table Shown in Antique Heart Pine 42”x 96”x 30” 

Shown in our exclusive ”Camp Sevier” heart pine reclaimed by us just a few miles from our studio. Unlike most arts and crafts dining tables, we make our arts and crafts custom dining tables components in solid pieces from antique beams. Mobili Farm Tables considers our arts and crafts dining tables to be the finest on the market today, built to last for generations.

” I could not be happier with the table I received from him nor with the service he provided. Always courteous and professional; he provided large samples to ensure I received exactly what I wanted and was exceptionally meticulous with details (and patient as well as I waffled through a few things!). The lines are graceful, clean and simple, the color and finish perfect. I also asked him to make matching benches and the complete set looks wonderful”   Sheba Veghte (San Francisco)

Shown in Antique Pine with Cherry Wood Base with Drawer size 40”x76”x30” Top color Antique oak with vintage distressing Base color American Walnut Custom sizes and woods available

French Country farm tables are all hand made to order and available in cherry, Maple, Walnut and antique pine. Mobili Farm Tables French Country tables are available with or without drawers. Breadboards are also optional. There’s no right or wrong way in creating your French Country farm table, its never going to go out of style. They are simply timeless. It’s sturdiness and elegant lines endure today and will continue to charm for years to come. Have Mobili Farm Tables create your French country farm table for your dining room.

“From the initial conception of his designs through the production of his works Jaryd continually seeks only the highest standard of design and fabrication of the work he creates. At no time does he ever settle for a single result if a better option exists.”

– Mitch Lehde,  Architect

Custom Cannon Barrel Trestle Dining Table

Custom handcrafted tables you just cant find anywhere else. Mobili Farm Tables is an custom artisan furniture studio and our ability and creativity makes us innovators not imitators in the handmade table industry. We design and copyright our work and desire to make are own path. Occasionally we will get a request of a design you may have seen before like this custom Cannon Barrel dining table. But I guarantee you haven’t seen one made from a solid 200 year old heart pine beam from scratch. Mobili Farm Tables 20,000 square foot studio is located in the upstate of south Carolina. Our passion is to make the fvery best custom tables on the market.  

“I had been in search of an authentic farm table for awhile. I was so disappointed with the large chunky ones offered through retail stores; could  find nothing antique that would hold up to a busy family; and the builders I found just didn’t have the old-world aesthetic I was after. And then I found Jaryd. I could not be happier with the table I received from him nor with the service he provided. Sheba Veghte (San Francisco)


Limited Custom Two Board Antique Pine Harvest Farm Table

Harvest farm table by Mobili Farm Tables .The phrase “harvest table” brings to mind a large gathering of people. Here at Mobili Farm Tables fell that our harvest farm table is just that and more. We have selected a limited selection of very wide antique boards from an old saw mill in South Carolina. These boards were milled over 125 years ago and resonantly found by Mobili Farm Tables just as they were at that time.With incredible saw marks from 60’’ water driven saw blade these boards average 18’’ wide and 14’-0’’ long. The two board antique pine harvest dining farm table is very limited piece and a one of a kind item.

”I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with friends. The table is beautiful and perfect for us and our house. It has inspired me to cook again! Jaryd, thank you again for making this unique table for our family. We really appreciate all the hours that you dedicated to make it. We are really enjoying meals more than ever because we are so comfortable. Now the dinning room has become one of our favorite spaces in the house, we eat, we play board games and we work together when we need to.‘ Mercedes Deerfield, Massachusetts
Antique Oak Custom Handmade Farm Table

Antique Oak Hepplewhite custom farm table made from reclaimed oak beams from the early 1800′s. This lovely dining table has both an early American feel yet has some European influences. It is a very comfortable farm table that will be sure to please the entire family. It is durable enough for the kids to do their crafts and homework on while retaining a charming character for any occasion. This farm table will last for generations and will be the center of so many memories to share with friends and family.Mobili creates the best quality farm tables with superior craftsmanship. We want to share the history of our family to help you create a centerpiece for your home the foundation that your family evolves from, building your own memories that will last a lifetime.

More about Hepplewhite and more images…

Jaryd, “I just wanted to say thank you again for building the table for us. We not only finally have a dining table to eat at in our new home but a piece of art as well. Everyone who has visited comments on the table and cannot believe the quality of craftsmanship. We will enjoy it and appreciate all of the hard work you put in to it!”

Chris and Kelly Kennedy (South Carolina)

 Antique Pine Farmhouse Dining Table 

Mobili Farm Tables exclusive ‘Camp Sevier ” heart pine farmhouse dining table by Mobil Farm Tables is the real deal. one that started it all, with the resent surge of many trying but fail  to reproduce an authentic farmhouse dining table.

Here at Mobili Farm Tables we have been making custom farmhouse tables for over thirteen years and every farmhouse dining table has its own unique style and soul. We do not cookie cut or purchase any base kits or parts here like most out there, all legs, aprons and tops are made from raw materials hand turned and handmade in our studio.

Artisan woodworker Jaryd Walley a former prop maker in Hollywood for over a decade .Worked on many feature films and for Walt Disney Universal etc. Mobili Farm Tables take’s an artistic like scenery and props approach to every step of the process.One thing is guaranteed with us, your table will be exactly what you imagine it to be and more.That’s what we do here at Mobili Farm Tables