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You can see more photos in Cabinetry Gallery of this Award Winning Corporate space cabinetry and corporate dining room custom table and credenza by Jaryd Walley Mobili LLC.

The corporate apartment above Soby’s on the Side serves two functions – it is both a living and an entertaining space.

It just depends on which direction you turn when you go up the stairs at the side entrance, tucked between Soby’s and Soby’s On the Side in downtown Greenville. Go to the right, and you enter the residence, but go to the left and you are in the heart of dinner party central.

Gina Boulware, director of marketing at Soby’s, said the apartment was an opportunity to provide something new to the area.

“So it just worked out to be really unique,” she added.

The apartment suite (living room, two beds, and two baths) will run you $400 per night.

Dinner in the apartment begins at $80 per person for four courses, plus hors d’ouvres upon arrival. The dining room table can seat up to 24.

The apartment was conceived in a moment of novelty; nobody knew what to do with the extra space above Soby’s on the Side.

The apartment has hosted everybody from Hillary Clinton to Kurt Russell to NHL Hall of Famer Don Edwards to members of the Egyptian military. But regular folks can still use it, too.

Like its clients, the décor is an eclectic mix, best described as shabby chic. “I wanted to give the apartment a lofty feel,” says Nathan Fowler of Fowler Interiors, the company responsible for the décor. “Yet cozy at the same time.”

Original brick walls peep out from sophisticated and finely finished paint. Modern glass art complements framed historic pieces and works by local artists. The goal was to create a comfortable, personal feel.

The best part of the whole space, according to Boulware?

“It’s like being in somebody’s home,” she said, “but you don’t have to cook or clean up.”


American furniture of the 19th Century was directly influenced by English and French designs. Not surprisingly, many of the earliest woodworkers in the United States came from Europe, and brought with them an already-flourishing industry. A worldwide fascination with classical lines and intricately detailed designs had moved to North America and started what would become a fundamental part of history. → Read more

Hi everybody ,

I just got back from Highpoint furniture market in North Carolina.I wanted to find some more chairs to offer for our Farm Tables before I offer handcrafted chairs made here in USA on the site.Wow what a disappointment.For those who aren’t aware ,North Carolina used to be the furniture capital of the World.Would you believe I could not find one chair made in the USA.I left more determined then ever to advocate the superior quality of our artist and talented craftsmen  here in the United States.Import manufactures can try every kind of stain,Dye,Glaze,and Woods but You can not manufacture true passion and family traditions and the soul that goes into the art of an American craftsman.

The Shaker Way of Life

Shaker furniture history can be linked very much to the lifestyle practiced by the followers of the religious branch. The Shakers, so called because of a shaking ritual used to exorcise demons, are internationally renowned for creating highly purposive and now highly collectable furniture. They were extremely dedicated on the whole, and viewed their life as a service to God, living without modernization, and free from the outside world. → Read more

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